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 “The significant problems we have cannot be solved on the same level of thinking with which we created them.”

— Albert Einstein


glyphicons-4-user_seafoam_outlineWho would benefit from counseling?

Anyone who is facing a challenging time in their life. Counselors are different from friends, in that they have one goal in mind. That is to listen, to help you figure out what you want or need, and to help you change the things you want to change.


glyphicons-30-notes-2_seafoam_outlineWhat is an “M.S., L.P.” anyway?

“LP” refers to Licensed Psychologist. “MS” refers to Master of Science. Counselors can be Social Workers, Marriage and Family Counselors and Psychologists. Psychologists are trained in human behavior, counseling techniques, mental health diagnosis, treatment and psychological testing.


glyphicons-629-doctor_seafoam_outlineWhat type of therapy is offered?

Several different modalities are offered. Some of the treatments are Cognitive Therapy, EMDR, Supportive Therapy, Family Therapy, Couples and Individuals. Both Adult and Teen Populations are served.


glyphicons-55-clock_seafoam_underlineWhy should I schedule an appointment with a small office?

Small offices are usually owner operated. They are not subject to some of the bureaucratic measures that large organizations must operate under. They are more flexible and client centered. Owner/Operators are concerned with client satisfaction, because they know their clients are their business.


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